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Retno: Indonesian Already Very Good Against Refugees, Myanmar and Bangladesh

Foreign news – IndoNewsToday.com, Minister of Foreign Affairs Retno Marsudi claimed Indonesia has been excellent in providing assistance to refugees from Myanmar and Bangladesh were stranded in Aceh.

Retno said, though not ratified the refugee convention, Indonesia still receive and provide them with assistance. Even the United Nations to appreciate the attitude of Indonesia.

“As a non-party states of convention refugees 51 years Indonesia has done what it has extra mile (give more than expected-red) once. And it is also getting appreciation from Deputy UN Secretary General to communicate with the Foreign Ministry on Sunday morning at about 9:30 to 10:00. So Indonesia appreciated for what he has done to the 1,300 people who are on our territory, “said Retno at the Presidential Palace Complex, Tuesday (19/05/2015).

Retno added, Myanmar and Bangladesh refugees came to Indonesia in four waves. The first entry 558, followed by 644 people, 47 people and the last 96.

Retno said no term distress at sea to show refugees adrift in the sea. Countries that find they need help with the form of aid, or accommodate them.

Indonesia has been doing that for 1300 refugees stranded in Aceh. Including the ship that brought thousands of refugees who had oscillated in Aceh.

Until March 2015, according to him, there are more than 11 thousand refugees from 41 countries were accommodated Indonesia. They are spread over a number of immigration detention.

“For nearly 12 thousand every year before resettlement can be done for a maximum of 500 people. That is the number 12 thousand, if there is no acceleration of the process of resettlement, then this problem will be solved 12 years. It was from 41 countries,” said Retno.

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